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~School Days~

Atsumori Boys Academy

Atsumori Boys Academy
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An all boys Academy

This is an adult content Jrock role playing community, based in Kyoto at an all boys school. Our goal is to provide an highly organized RP realm for creative open-minded people who love these musicians and enjoy writing.

Community and characters (muses) are in no way affliated with the real people.
Please keep in mind muses personalities are in no way affliated with the writers (mun). We strongly discourage against mun drama caused by muses. Should this be a problem you may be asked to leave the community.
Remember this is just for fun!

Before Applying:
1. Please read over all the RULES & ETIQUETTE of this community before joining or applying.
We reserve the right to ban anyone who does not follow these RULES.

2. Please check the CLAIMED MUSES LIST. We only allow one of each jrocker.

3. Please read the HELP & TIPS. Newbie RPers are always welcome. We ask that upon being accepted into the community you make yourself familiar with the RP structure.

4. You may apply with your personal journal but only muse journals will be accepted into the community. To apply for a muse and create a new livejournal specifically for them. One journal per muse.


After Applying:
1. Please JOIN the community as well as JOIN gakusei_chatter, our OOC community.

4. Please make sure to have all the muses on your muse's friends list. In order to make this easier for you we have created an easy ADD ALL/REMOVE DROPPED MUSES which is updated frequently.

3. Please look over the SCHOOL INFORMATION. The RP Realm has been laid out for you, to better the RP experiance for everyone we have provided pictures and diagrams of the school. This will help so that everyone can have a better mental picture during their RPing.

4. In addition like any real school there are SCHOOL RULES. Understand these "rules" can be broken by muses, and are not the same as community rules. However keep in mind that if a muse breaks the rules, they might face RP consequences. Just like in a real school.

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