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Rules & Etiquette [subject to change]

Community Rules!
For the enjoyment of all there must be some structure....

Mun Rules
These are rules members of this comm must follow.
Not to be confused with the RP school rules.
Breaking these rules can result in banning.

1. NO OOC DRAMA - Out of character fighting is not tolerated. If another member is giving you a hard time, contact the mod.

2. NO MORE THAN FOUR MUSES - This rule will not be changed, so please do not ask.

3. NO PLOTTING - If your muse doesn't get his/her way in the RP that is just too bad. Do not plot against other muses, do not create muses just out of retaliation, do not change your muses personality to fit your whims, and do not use all your muses to gang up on one muse.

4. YOU MUST POST ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS - If you can't be active, drop your muse. You must do some form of RPing once each week, either create a thread or a journal post.
[If for some reason you have to go on hiatus, please post a hiatus notice in the Dropped Muses Thread. You may have one month of hiatus before we will give away your muse]

5. DO NOT JOIN OTHER COMMUNITIES - If you do, your muses will be dropped.

6. DROPPED MUSES - If a muse leaves, gets banned, killed or commits suicide you must wait one week before claiming them or putting them on hold.

Circumstancial Rules
We reserve the right to ask you to 'control' your muse depending upon the mun involved.
While we understand certain muses are crazy and it's 'in their personality' not all of the mun appreciate having to RP rape and violence.
**If a muse complains to a staff member there will only be RP consquences.**
**If a mun complains to a mod there will be real consequences.**

1. RAPE - 2 warnings and a ban will follow.
2. KNIFING/SHOOTING - 3 warnings and a ban will follow
3. BEATING - 4 warnings and a ban will follow


1. GRAMMAR & SPELLING - Occasional typos are understandable please attempt to user proper grammar and spelling. There is a spell check for comments as well. Also try to avoid slang unless your muse is speaking.

2. INSTANT MESSAGE RPING - If you RP over an instant messenger, please post it to the community or your muse's journal if it involves other muses.

3. NO MUSE ENTRAPMENT - All mun have the right to add additional muses into the thread, provided it's RP compatible. If a muse happens to be with another muse, then allow for that muse to be added.

4. TIME CHANGES - The time the thread was posted is the time the thread happens, please attempt to RP
future threads accordingly. Do not change the time to the past unless it was agreed upon by all mun in the thread.


The mod muses are Yoshiki, school Headmaster and Chachamaru, school principal. These muses do not RP in the comm because they are not one person's muse. They are accessible by both mods.
They can however RP "School Rules" in their personal journal. Like any school, this school has rules and your muses will have to RP around the the world that has been set up.
Mod comments will be specified accordingly.

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